About Metal Engraving Machine

- Nov 13, 2017-

Laser set years of production experience, the use of the latest design concepts, equipped with advanced laser components at home and abroad, the introduction of a new generation of large-face, multi-functional laser processing system, simple operation, maintenance and convenient, production security more perfect. Characterized by:

The open working platform facilitates the placement of processing materials and can work with the assembly line, which satisfies the processing of large-face materials. At the same time, with large-size honeycomb platform, blade platform and local lifting platform to make this laser machine is not only suitable for large-scale field processing industry, such as: footwear, apparel industry, advertising industry, and to meet the model industry, handicrafts industry, bamboo industry and other small industry needs. With automatic focusing, red positioning and other functions, so that the machine is perfect, its function to the extreme. Really achieve multi-function multi-purpose, save time and efficiency. The light path part adopts the hybrid optical path, the light energy utilization rate is high, the optical path is closed and the safety is strong. Its control system uses a unique intelligent predictive algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure high-speed processing, smooth and efficient running speed, laser energy real-time adjustable, greatly facilitating the operation of customers. and has a built-in 128M (up to 1G), can store 99 of files at the same time to support the power outage data to save the permanent file storage area. Again, high-power cutting energy automatic compensation function, cutting effect has been greatly improved. In short, this model really do a wide range of processing fabrics, smooth cut without flying edge, automatic, no deformation, graphics can be designed by computer and other functions.