Fiber laser cutting machine uses six major precautions

- Jul 05, 2019-

At present, a widely used laser cutting machine belongs to a fiber-optic metal laser cutting machine. The fiber laser cutting machine is characterized by high cutting speed, high cutting precision and wide application materials. However, in the process of application, because of the improper operation of human beings, problems often occur, so the support work must be in place.

1. In order to avoid the improper replacement of water pipes, the operator must ensure that the water cooling system is grounded and the water tank and waterway are clean. Otherwise, the efficiency of the laser cutting machine will be reduced, the water pipe excuses will fall off, and the water pipe will have to be replaced frequently. Serious, the service life of the equipment is greatly shortened!

2. It is necessary to ensure the installation position of the laser tube of the optical laser cutting machine. If the installation is unreasonable at this position, it is very easy to cause frequent replacement of the laser tube. If there is such a situation, the user must pay attention to the position of the laser tube of the laser cutting machine. 

3. Keeping the water protection equipment in normal operation, the fiber laser cutting machine often generates a lot of heat when working. Always check whether the water cooling device is in place and the cooling water is clean.

4. Check the suction pipe frequently, because the fiber laser cutting machine is easy to produce tiny particles during the cutting process. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will easily lead to contamination of the lens and reduce the cutting precision.

5. Replace the focusing mirror and mirror in time, because the focusing mirror and the mirror will receive a lot of heat during the process. If the mirror surface is discolored, rusted, cracked, etc., it needs to be replaced in time.

6. Fiber laser cutting machine requires strict cutting environment. If the temperature is too high or the temperature is too low, too much dust may affect the cutting precision and service life of the laser cutting machine.