Laser cutting machine application in laser technology

- Jul 29, 2019-

    With the continuous improvement of laser technology, the application of laser technology is becoming more and more extensive. In the mold processing industry, laser cutting technology is also applied, and it is on the rise. Now let's take a look at the development space of laser cutting machine in the mold processing industry.

    At present, China's mold production process equipment level is generally low, there is a very large room for improvement. Mold processing covers a wide range of industries, providing spare parts for various industries such as automobiles, instrumentation, household appliances and electrical appliances. In the mold market, mold processing accounts for 60% of the market share, which means that laser cutting machines have a “mold” in the mold industry. The potential to grab the beach landing, there is still a huge share of the cake waiting for the laser cutting machine to seize. In the future mold industry market, the development trend of large-scale and multi-type parts is presented. In addition, the stability and reliability of the materials are higher and higher, and the inheritance and high-precision type of the mold equipment are at the same time. With high requirements, these are the bad places of the existing mold equipment, which is the advantage of laser cutting equipment. Laser-cut workpieces have almost no requirements on material quality, material type and size. Moreover, the workpiece with good beam quality can be processed without subsequent processing, and the processing cost is relatively low, the stability is higher, and maintenance is not required.

    Of course, in some respects, the laser cutting machine is also subject to certain conditions relative to the mold industry. In general, the development of laser cutting machine in the mold processing industry is very large, with a very large market space waiting for the development of laser equipment.