Laser cutting machine material influence

- Jul 24, 2019-

Laser cutting machine material surface reflectivity

For the 10.6mm far-infrared beam emitted by the CO2 laser, the non-metallic material absorbs it better, that is, it has a high absorption rate, and the surface metal material absorbs the 10.6mm beam poorly, especially the gold with high reflectivity. Silver, copper and aluminum metals, etc., are generally not suitable for use with CO2 laser beams, especially continuous wave beams. For aluminum and copper metals, it is generally necessary to form a sufficient initial power of more than 3 KW to obtain the initial pores required for the penetration effect.

The ferrous metal and steel materials and nickel and titanium have a certain absorption rate for the 10.6mm CO2 beam, especially when the surface of the material is heated to a certain temperature or oxide film, the absorption rate will be greatly improved, thereby obtaining a better segmentation. effect.

Laser cutting machine material surface state

The surface state of the material directly affects the absorption of the beam, especially the surface roughness and surface oxide layer can cause significant changes in surface absorptivity. In laser cutting practice, the influence of the surface state of the material on the beam absorptivity can sometimes be used to improve the segmentation performance of the material.