Precautions for using laser engraving machines

- Nov 13, 2017-

1, the use of automatic focal length, should pay attention to the automatic measurement of coke rods must be fastened, otherwise the worktable will be top to the laser.

2, laser engraving machine at work, prohibit the boot lid.

3, the process of opening smoke, smoke blowing equipment.

4, processing wood, paper, must pay attention to processing speed in order to avoid fire.

5, the initial use of irregular processing, the first red light positioning.

6, the processing of thin wood, volatile materials, to adjust the change of water products small 1mm.

7, for cutting processing, to use the workpiece rack from the worktable 2 centimeters.

8. Cleaning of reflective lenses and focal length lenses: Two fingers hold reflective lenses. The other hand holds the camera lens clean the paper clean the lens.

9, usually carved vector files, the resolution should be high, engraving point of the file, the resolution should be selected lower.