Shanghai Kechuang opera with the new term X-ray preview prospects1

- Feb 06, 2018-

Soft X-ray free electron laser device: In November 2016, Shanghai soft X-ray free electron laser device was started. The appearance of the device is a long and narrow building, the accelerator is more than 200 meters in length and the total length of the building is about 500 meters. There are two important bands in this "light sword": "water window" (wavelength 2.3-4.4 nm) and "magnetic window" (wavelength 1-2 nm). "Water Window" is the only "fourth-generation light source" that can perform intact three-dimensional holographic imaging and microscopic imaging of living biological cells at present. Due to the accuracy of imaging time reaching femtosecond level, it brings life science into "molecular film" era.

Hard X-ray free electron laser device: soft and hard to higher, faster, stronger! In the field of X-ray free electron laser, a new generation of high repetition rate free electron laser light source (hard X-ray free electron laser device) was approved and started at the end of last year. It is the major scientific and technological infrastructure project with the largest investment so far in China. It has the soft X-ray free electron laser can not match the average brightness, truly become a multidisciplinary frontier major scientific problems needed device. After the completion of the device, it will provide cutting-edge research tools such as high-resolution imaging, ultra-fast process exploration and advanced structural analysis for multidisciplinary fields such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, materials science and energy science to form a unique and multidisciplinary advanced Scientific research platform.