What kinds of laser cutting machines are there?

- Apr 23, 2018-

1, if the laser is separated, it can be divided into:

A, solid laser. 

The solid laser is also divided into ruby laser, YAG and so on

B, semiconductor laser.

C, liquid laser.

D, gas laser and CO2 laser

There are two kinds of YAG and CO2 for laser cutting.

2, according to the structure of laser cutting machine, it can be divided into:

A, desktop laser cutting machine

This laser cutting machine is the most common. The laser is placed on the side and transmitted to the laser cutting head through external optical path. The processing range is generally 1.5*3M, 2*4M.

According to the specific structure of the desktop, it is also divided into cantilever type, Longmen type, hybrid type and so on.

The desktop machine is mainly used for sheet metal processing. There are many industries that can be used, such as elevator manufacturing, electrical switchgear, grain machinery and so on.

B, Gantry mounted laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine is to put the laser on the machine, and the operation of the random device is moving together. This ensures the constant light path, the effective cutting range can be large, the width can be 2-6 meters, the length can be tens of meters long. It is mainly used in heavy industries such as construction machinery, shipbuilding, locomotives and so on. Mainly for 3MM-25MM medium plate industry cutting stock.

3, if it is divided according to the cutting work. It can be divided into:

A. Metal laser cutting machine. The power of the laser is generally large.

B. Non metal laser cutting machine. The power of a laser is generally very small.

C. It can also be used for cutting tube, tube laser cutting machine.