Principle Of Laser Cutting Machine

- Nov 13, 2017-

Laser is a kind of light, like other luminous bodies in nature, it is caused by the transition of atoms (molecules or ions) and spontaneous radiation.

Although the laser is light, but it is obviously different from the ordinary light is only in the initial very short period of time dependent on spontaneous radiation, the subsequent process is completely determined by the radiation, so the laser has a very pure color, almost no divergence of directionality, very high luminous intensity. Laser at the same time has high coherence, high-intensity, high directivity, laser through the laser generated by the mirror through the mirror to the processing items, so that the processing items (surface) by a strong thermal energy and temperature increased sharply, so that the point because of high temperature and rapid melting or vaporization, With the laser head running track to achieve the purpose of processing. The application of laser processing technology in the advertising industry is divided into: laser cutting, laser engraving two working methods, for each working way, we have some different parts of the operation process.