A three-color 4K laser TV, mark two times

- Feb 03, 2018-

Since 2017, the entire industry has radically changed its position in the big-screen market and the business space of laser TVs from the previous concerns and doubts to completely participate in and actively plunder them. Especially at the beginning of 2018, with the launch of the world's first three-color 4K laser TV by Changhong, two stages of the development of laser TVs are also set out. From traditional bulb-type projectors to ultra-short focus laser TVs, Accelerate the application and promotion of laser TVs in the home.

Just as the traditional LCD TVs rapidly became saturated in 2017, the number of laser TV listings has doubled or even tenfold in the recent two years. The Chinese family's preference for 80-inch to 300-inch large-screen TVs is exceedingly high Imagine. From Aowei cloud network is expected in 2017 all laser projector sales exceeded 300,000 units, compared with 110,000 units in 2016, nearly two times the growth.

As the main force of the laser display camp, Changhong has 18 years of technological precipitation, through continuous technological innovation and product upgrades, has launched a series of seven series of monochrome laser display products, the current sales of the C5F laser theater, X3F laser theater, P5 series of laser projection, have achieved high market visibility and reputation. This time, the launch of the world's first three-color laser TV reflects the strong technological innovation capability of Changhong from one side.

"Changhong launched the monochromatic laser TV as early as the same time to layout the two-color laser and the three-color laser display product development.After many innovative research and development, we believe that monochromatic to two-color is only quantitative, two-color to three-color is the real qualitative change . "Chen Ning, general manager of Changhong laser display technology company introduction, three-color laser display light source, monochrome laser + phosphor color gamut increased 60%, two-color laser + phosphor gamut increased 30%, so that the screen brightness more High, color saturation enhancement, color reproduction more real, which has a broader market space and commercial scenes.

CES2018 scene, "China Enterprise News" reporter learned that Changhong Tricolor 4K Laser Cinema C7TU color gamut coverage reached 180% NTC, much higher than the OLED, quantum dots and other emerging display technologies, to achieve all the display technology gamut limits value. At the same time, it offers richer, more realistic colors than monochrome laser TVs. Chen Ning revealed that Changhong has completed the development of two-color laser TV, but in order to provide consumers with the real top quality enjoyment, did not rush to launch two-color laser, instead of research and development of three-color laser, and the resolution upgrade to 4K ultra-high definition, comprehensive Enhance the quality of expression.