From artificial intelligence to three-color laser: Changhong get technology-enabled home appliance industry

- Feb 02, 2018-

When the laser TV became the biggest star of global color television display technology in just a few years, and from the past, those who break the industry, the industry outlet, completely become the leader, the industry mainstream. Changhong, an industry leader from China, kicked off a laser TV technology innovation in advance during the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2018), iterating to a new battle where multiple scenarios were detonated.

On the opening day of CES2018, the reporter of China Enterprise News saw the world's first home-use 4-color 4K laser Cinema TV C7TU series officially released at Changhong Booth that takes into consideration Eastern aesthetics and western science and technology. As Changhong products with independent intellectual property rights, the release of the three-color 4K laser TV not only consolidates the leading edge of Changhong in laser technology, but also further accelerates the promotion and detonation of laser TV on the large-screen market.

From the world's first introduction of artificial intelligence television, and open the artificial intelligence technology in a full range of home appliances on the systematic application; to the world's first launch of three-color 4K laser TV, which OLED, quantum dots and other emerging display technology battle, Achievements in China's new benchmark for innovation. In recent years, Changhong is in the appliance industry from the Internet to the Internet of Things changes in the success of innovation and technology to empower the traditional industries.