Inventory 2017 TV industry: laser TV market continues to expand

- Feb 01, 2018-

The 4-day CES Technology Exhibition came to a close in Las Vegas, United States on January 12, a feast of global technology and a long-gone carnival for color TV companies. CES 2018 color TV business innovation continues to emerge, seems to make people forget the color TV industry has just experienced a winter, from the second half of 2016, the upstream panel prices crazy growth, up as high as 50%, while the conduction from the upstream The pressure also set the tone for the "tragedy" of the color TV industry in 2017. According to the forecast from Zhong Yikang, the volume of retail sales in the color TV market in 2017 was 47.81 million units, compared with 52 million units in 2016 and the domestic market Sales decreased 8.1% YoY.

Although panel prices have shown a downward trend in July, from the first year of 2018 New Year's Day sales data, the impact of this round of winter has so far failed to completely eliminate. Faced with an increasingly competitive environment in the industry, the color TV industry staged a drama ups and downs of the content, "Sharp reverses heaven and earth, self-salvation in adversity"; "Internet camp drastically changed, millet replaced the music as the throne"; " Hard to break the domestic market, overseas markets suddenly see. "