Reflections and Suggestions on Promoting the Development of Hubei Economy with High Quality

- Jan 31, 2018-

The report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC pointed out: China's economy has shifted from a period of rapid growth to a period of high-quality development. It is now in a crucial period of transforming its mode of development, optimizing its economic structure and transforming its growth momentum. How to implement the new development concept and promote the high-quality economy Development, Chairman Sun Wen From the perspective of an entrepreneur engaged in more than 30 years of manufacturing industry, he has the following suggestions and suggestions:

Development thinking one: take the virtual reality, vigorously revitalize the real economy

Adhere to improve quality and core competitiveness as the center, give prominence to three aspects: one is driven by agglomeration elements; the second is the use of "tuyere" to promote; the third is to enhance quality-driven. Open up various channels for entering the real economy, increase the investment and intensity in the real economy, especially in the manufacturing sector; focus on the two "tufts" of integration and restructuring of enterprises, and promote the in-depth integration of the new generation of information technology and industry; To optimize the industrial structure and speed up the transformation and upgrading, we must break new ground and carry forward the "craftsmanship" to promote the transformation of the real economy from "sweat-type" to "smart-type."

By implementing the strategy of building a strong province, accelerating China's manufacturing operations in 2025 in Hubei, accelerating the transformation of manufacturing to "smart manufacturing" and making efforts to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing in Hubei, Hubei will be able to seize the opportunities in the new round of manufacturing development and win future.

First, the development and expansion of advanced manufacturing. In particular, it is necessary to reflect the drive of innovation. In accordance with the "five modernizations" of high-end, intelligent, centralized, green and service-oriented, we should focus on a new generation of information technology, advanced rail transportation equipment, new energy vehicles, aerospace, new materials, To cultivate a group of advanced manufacturing clusters.

Second, from a manufacturing province to a manufacturing province, Hubei should organically integrate and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of new industries.

Third, to promote the spirit of craftsmen, model workers. There should be a new army of knowledgeable, innovative and responsible laborers.