How to achieve the same origin but not the same in the use of fiber laser cutting machine?

- Aug 02, 2019-

    The same problem of fiber laser cutting machine cutting products has always been a big drag in the development of many manufacturing companies, especially in some private companies that lack relevant technology and strength. It’s even more obvious. Therefore, in order to break through this layer of resistance, many laser cutting machine manufacturers are looking for a new development path, and the route of product differentiation is a very good road that many companies can find. However, how can we differentiate the products cut by laser cutting machines?

    First, we need to make a detailed positioning of the goal of differentiation. If a company has only products and no brand, it will definitely not work. Then the products of this company can only be used in the market, and they will never become a big climate. It will never be possible to do a good job. Therefore, if a company wants to achieve long-term and long-term development, it must create its own brand for its own products, and also identify its own positioning, and then through the differentiation of positioning to find out their own existence value and development space.

    The second is whether our products have their own "selling points". The so-called "selling point" refers to whether the product has its own characteristics and advantages, and whether it has some characteristics and characteristics that other similar products do not have. There is also the implementation of the product differentiation strategy can be carried out from the technical level and the elements of fashion. Regarding the technical aspect, it can be continuously improved according to the user's own needs, increasing the function of the product and improving the quality of the product; while the elements of fashion can start from creating a distinctive perception.