Laser cutting machine dust removal method

- Aug 06, 2019-

1. Dry processing method

It is to add a set of soot trapping device for the cutting work platform, and directly transport the collected soot to the soot filter purification equipment, and then discharge it after unified filtration treatment. The soot generated by the cutting is basically formed below the workpiece slit, so the suction-type negative pressure dividing platform becomes the most common soot trapping device at present. In order to save equipment investment and improve the efficiency of pumping, that is, to achieve a relatively high amount of soot collection with a small amount of suction (defined: air flow per unit time) - only vacuuming the area that is in the process of cutting, Therefore, the cutting platform is divided into (uniform) closed small areas along the main guide rail of the cutting machine, and an air outlet is opened on the side. The working mode of the suction port is divided into a side suction type moving suction port and a side wall valve type suction port of the vacuum chamber. Among them, the former is widely used due to its simple structure, reliable work and good dust removal effect.

2. Wet processing method

In fact, it is to make a water bed cutting platform, place the workpiece in the water or the water surface, then complete the cutting operation under water or close to the water surface, and use water to capture the smoke generated during the cutting process, thereby purifying the environment.