Laser processing equipment is classified according to different light sources

- Aug 06, 2019-

    One of the most commonly used equipment in laser processing equipment, which can be divided into two categories according to different light sources, one is a gas laser-based laser cutting machine, and the other is a solid-state laser-based solid laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine. These cutting devices each have their own advantages, and some can cut all metal and non-metal materials; some have low price and low cost; some have cutting efficiency, low maintenance cost and high cost performance. But the only bad thing is that a lot of cutting equipment produced by laser cutting machine manufacturers can't realize unmanned operation control, but need to be equipped with professional technicians. However, with the development of the market economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the wages of many employees are also increasing, which inevitably increases the cost of the company's production. Therefore, many companies require manufacturers to provide a fully automatic laser. Cutting equipment, capable of automatic feeding, unloading, inspection, etc.

    With the advent of high-brightness lasers such as fiber lasers, disk lasers, and even the use of lower-brightness high-power crystal diode lasers, the field of scanning galvanometers has expanded to several kilowatts. The scanning device must be able to handle applications in the high power range without compromising accuracy and speed! This is a challenging task for scanner galvanometer manufacturers.