What are the indispensable accessories for laser cutting machines?

- Aug 01, 2019-

1. Timing belt

In each laser cutting machine, the configuration is different, and the number of timing belts is different. However, the tightness of the timing belt is also the key to the decision. If it is excessively loose, it will appear in the case of cutting. In the case, the cutting effect cannot achieve satisfactory results. If the timing belt is too tight, it will cause accelerated wear of the timing belt (a basic type of component failure). Maximizing the use time, so in the laser cutting machine, debugging the timing belt is also a key, but also a technology, the laser cutting machine in the process of use, often to detect the timing belt tightening, In order to facilitate debugging, the best cutting effect is the key. The debugging method, each laser cutting machine has a tensioning screw for the timing belt, so it is necessary to periodically check the timing belt every week. tight. Improve the cutting effect of the laser cutting machine, the timing belt is also a key component, so it can not be ignored.

2. Air cooler

In the laser cutting machine, it mainly processes the beam emitted by the laser in the entire channel. It cleans the laser beam, cleans the air, and drys the air. To ensure that the laser beam minimizes unnecessary losses before reaching the material, this is a typical good device.

3. Gas storage tank

It is used to compress the air during the laser cutting machine to improve the cutting effect. The ultimate goal of this device is to improve the cutting effect, otherwise its existence will lose its meaning, so the gas storage tank is in the laser cutting machine. It is a device at work, that is, a device for good work.