Panoramic Camera Double Head Asynchronous Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Panoramic Camera Double Head Asynchronous Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Panoramic camera double-head asynchronous laser cutting is a double-headed and double-track asynchronous laser cutting machine that can cut at one time with multiple graphics. Generally applicable to digital printing clothing, handicrafts, advertising and decoration, packaging and printing, electronic and electrical cutting and other industries.

Product Details

Laser typeDomestic sealed off CO2 laser tube
Cutting area1800mm×1200mm×21800mm×1400mm×22000mm×1400mm×22500mm×1600mm×23000mm×1800mm×2
Laser power100W(optional 130W)
CoolingIndustrial constant temperature chiller
Moving systemServo motor
Engraving speed0-64000mm/min
Max cutting speed0-36000mm/min
Cutting energy controllingCan be fine-tuned
Cutting speed controllingCan be fine-tuned
Environmental requirementsTemperature 15℃     humidity 30%-80%
Power supply220V/50-60HZ, 10Amax


Model features: double-head dual-track asynchronous laser cutting machine;

Double head: double efficiency;

Asynchronous: cutting two different products at the same time;

A variety of graphics for one-time cutting.

Applicable industry

Applicable industries: digital printing clothing, lace, cycling clothing, swimsuit, sports jersey, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, crafts, advertising decoration, packaging and printing, paper products, electronic appliances and other cutting and processing industries.

Applicable materials

Applicable materials: digital printing fabrics, lace, clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, packaging and printing, paper industry, etc.


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