Stainless Steel Portable Laser Marker

Stainless Steel Portable Laser Marker

This type laser marker suitable for Gold, Silver, Diamond, Sanitary Equipments, Food Packing, Tobacco Label, Beer label, Drink Label.

Product Details

Product Details
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:JPT Laser source
Model Number:LB-MFA20

Detailed Product Description

Laser Wavelength:


Repeat Frequency:


Marking Area:


Marking Speed:


Marking Area:


Marking Speed:



1 Machine main Features

1 . 1 .  Marking high precision spare parts, such as Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Electronic spare parts etc.

1 . 2 . High speed marking speed and perfect marking effects.

1 . 3 . Working time: 100,000 hours , without any consumptive materials.

1 . 4 . CE certificates

1 . 5 . Compact designing

1 . 6 . Min marking letter: 0.15mm 

2 Machine applications & Materials

This type laser marker suitable for Gold, Silver, Diamond, Sanitary Equipments, Food Packing, Tobacco Label, Beer label, Drink Label,

Medicine Packing, Medical Equipments, Glasses and Clock, Auto Parts, Plastic& Paper Materials, The Electron, Hardware which with high request for depth, smooth, accuracy such as horologe,

Mould, bitmap marking etc.

Laser Power: 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W

Laser powerPulsed(10W,20W,30W,50W,)
Laser wavelength1064nm
Laser SourceFully sealed fiber laser source
Marking Area110mm*110mm-300mm*300mm (optional)
Min. Line Width0.03mm
Min. Character Size≤0.5mm
Marking Speed≤7000mm/s
Pulse Width≤60us
Repetition Positioning Accuracy10urad
ModeSingle Mode
Positioning WayRed Light
Power SupplySingle Phase AC 220V, 50/60HZ

Application Fields:


A Materials: metal and various nonmetal materials, high hardness alloy steel, oxide, electroplating and vacuum plating, epoxy resin, printing ink, ABS and other engineering plastic.


B Industry: plastic keypad, components of digital products, electronic components, electrical appliances, jewelry, precision machinery, hardware accessories, glasses, clocks and watches, vehicle and motor accessories, sanitary ware, communication products, medical devices, integrated circuit(IC), building material, pipe materials, more suitable for the marks of high demand of accuracy, speed and depth.

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