Laser Welding Machine for Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Laser Welding Machine for Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Product Name: Laser Welding Machine For Aluminum And Stainless Steel
Classification: Aluminum Laser Welding Machine
Application: Advertising Channel Letter, Words, etc
Place Of Origin: China

Product Details

Traditional letter welding use solder welding, argon arc welding, the efficiency is low, worker easy to fatigue. This product breaks through traditional ways, using directional point to point welding way, the welding speed is 10 to 15 times faster than the traditional ways. High work efficiency, workers sit to work which solved the problem of the hard working.

During the work of Laser Welding Machine For Aluminum And Stainless Steel, there is no smoke, no strong light, low noise. No matter what size, how complicated the letter is, the machine can do it. The welding effect are precision, exquisite and solid.

Product Parameters

Max laser power


Laser wave length

1064 nm

Monopulse Max power


Laser welding depth


Pulse width


Laser welding frequency


Laser spot size adjusting range


Whole power consumption


Power need

220V ±10%/50Hz/40A

Standard configuration working table

800*1000mm load200Kg

Laser device vertical travel


Laser device horizontal direction


Sight positioning

CCD synchronism high definition camera

Product Advantages

1.jpg Professional Welding Machine for Advertising Channel  Letter, Words

1.jpg Panasonic and Sony, other imported parts adopted in the whole machine

1.jpg German technology, maintenance for whole life

1.jpg Adopt high-power laser power devices

1.jpg Continuous work for 24 hours

Product Features

1.jpg Accurate and precise, it can weld small and complex letter,LOGO and 15cm to 20cm high height words.

1.jpg Aiming at advertising word industry, special long type light path, 360°arbitrary rotation,higher flexible range for welding 1.2meters to 2meters letters and LOGO.

1.jpg No protuberant welding spot on the welding surface, no need the process of polishing and burnishing, saving working time, graceful and steady for the structure;

1.jpg No noise and no pollution

1.jpg Optional CCD Monitor, welding result is much clearer.

1.jpg Easy to learn and operate

1.jpg High efficiency.

1.jpg Power Saving, one hour down to 2 kWh


Our Services:

Pre-sale services: enthusiasm

We provide you with the process plan, process flow design and manufacturer equipment according to your special demand.

Sale services: servant

Send technicians to the job site for guiding the installation and adjustment of Laser Welding Machine For Aluminum And Stainless Steel, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.

After-sale services: faithfulness

To establish long term friendship, we will regularly pay return visit to customers.

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