PVC Board Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

PVC Board Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

Wood, acrylic, plastic, corian, delrin, cloth, leather, melamine, paper, pressboard, matte board, mylar, rubber, veneer, cork and more

Product Details

Laser typeDomestic sealed off CO2 Laser tube
Cutting area
Laser power
60w(Optional 80w)
Water chiller
Moving system
Stepping moter
Engraving speed
Max cutting speed0-100mm/s
Environmental requirements
Temperature 15℃  humidity 30%-80%
Power supply
220V/50-60HZ, 10Amax

This machine mainly has the advantages of high precision, speed block, small machine,low power consumption, no dust, low noise and so on. It allows you to start a business at home or expand your engraving and cutting business in your mini office. 


The laser engraving and cutting machine adopts an integrated structure, which is easy to operate, little, coverage of land and pollution-free. With perfect optical path design, the whole machine runs stably and rebliably. The equipment has high standard configuration, high precision of engraving and cutting, less scrap and smooth burrs on the edges. It is an ideal choice for micro-factory, home workers, shopping malls and other occasions.


Crafts, advertising, electronics, models, decoration, packaging and printing, textiles, leather, clothing, cloth toys, computer embrodiety cutting, paper products and other industries who have high precision requirements for engraving effects and cutting effects.

Applicable materials

Acrylic, rubber, plastic, paper, epoxy resign, crystal, jade, bamboo products, leather materials, lcd backlights, touch screens, light guide films, film buttons, two-color plates, fabrics and other nonmetallic materials.


Our service

Spot delivery, including delivering small batches of goods

Provide wide-range and complete materials series products

Cutting plates, including complex shapes of materials and special processing and disposal

Cutting bars and strips

Our application technology expert provide the best material and recommendation

One-stop service

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